Health from cabbage: always keep savoy cabbage cool, but do not store next to fruit

It is better not to store savoy cabbage next to fruit

Savoy cabbage is used in German cuisine for numerous dishes. The cabbage is not only extremely tasty, but also very healthy. You can tell from the leaves whether the vegetables are fresh. Savoy cabbage should be stored in the refrigerator, but not next to fruit.

Healthy winter vegetables

Savoy cabbage, also known as Savoy cabbage, is served in Germany especially in the cold season. The domestic winter vegetables are not only very tasty, but also extremely healthy. Experts explain how consumers recognize whether the vegetables are fresh and how the cabbage is best stored.

Few calories and lots of vitamins

Savoy cabbage has few calories (100 grams contain only around 25 calories) and a lot of folic acid. The cabbage also scores with other healthy ingredients.

Due to its high vitamin C and B6 content, it strengthens the immune and nervous system.

The vegetables also contain provitamins A and E, potassium, calcium and iron. It also contains valuable fiber that stimulates digestion and phytochemicals that protect the body.

And: "Savoy cabbage has the highest glucosinolate content," says the website "German Fruit and Vegetables" of the Federal Association of Fruit and Vegetable Organizations (BVEO).

Do not store cabbage next to fruit

The experts also explain what to look for when buying the cabbage vegetables: “The outer leaves should look fresh and crisp and breakable. An old rule says that savoy cabbage has to rattle when shaken. ”

The color of the leaves, which ranges from yellowish to dark green depending on the variety, says nothing about the quality.

The frizzy head stays in the vegetable compartment of the fridge for about a week. As with all other types of cabbage, savoy cabbage should not be stored next to fruit, so that the leaves do not rot or turn yellow prematurely.

Wash well and season properly

Savoy cabbage should be washed well before preparation, as a lot of sand collects between the curly leaves.

The typical smell can be significantly reduced if you prepare the vegetables in a pressure cooker or boil some caraway.

In addition to caraway, savoy cabbage is also seasoned with nutmeg, cloves, coriander and / or garlic. Its aromatic taste is particularly intense when it is prepared with fat such as lard, bacon or bacon.

Delicious savoy cabbage recipes can be found on Internet portals, among other things.

Anyone who suffers from bloating after eating savoy cabbage should season it with caraway seeds. (ad)

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