Natural medicine for sleep disorders: This is the only way valerian can really help

Against sleep disorders: Valerian is fully effective after up to two weeks
More and more people in Germany are having trouble sleeping. Those who do not come to rest at night are not only tired during the day, but also endanger their health. Experts warn against prematurely using sleeping pills. Simple home remedies are often sufficient for sleep disorders. Valerian has also proven itself. However, this remedy does not work directly.

Serious health problems
Sleep disorders can not only result in tiredness and poor concentration, but also serious health problems. According to health experts, this increases the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and mental illnesses such as depression. If you want to sleep peacefully at night, try valerian. This herbal remedy helps with sleep problems. However, you need a little patience.

Tips for a healthy sleep
If you are tormenting yourself at night and are not getting a good rest, you should try some tips to get a good night's sleep, instead of rashly taking medication.

A healthy lifestyle and the absence of late meals, stimulating drinks such as coffee, cola or alcohol and nicotine are conducive to a restful sleep.

"Good sleep hygiene is also important: fixed rituals in the evening, no TV or cell phone consumption in the bedroom, waking up at night rather than lying awake for hours, and a room temperature that is not too warm can help to get the sleeping problems under control," writes the State Chamber of Pharmacists Hessen in a message.

And: "A short walk in the evening relaxes and the fresh air is also good for your health."

Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation can also be effective.

Valerian does not work immediately
Various home remedies are also useful. A calming tea made from passion flower or chamomile, for example, has proven its worth to relieve tension.

Valerian is also a natural remedy for mild sleep disorders. However, it does not work immediately.

According to the State Chamber of Pharmacists in Hesse, "it can take up to two weeks for the effects to develop fully".

A great advantage of the harmless drug: In contrast to chemical sleeping pills and sedatives, which are at great risk of dependency, valerian is not addictive.

Affected people should generally only use sleeping pills and tranquilizers in an emergency and only if they have been prescribed by the doctor.

Such medications may only be taken for a short time, otherwise there is a risk of addiction: "If sleeping pills are taken for a long time, the risk of a dependency syndrome increases," says the message. (ad)

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